Dumb on No Sleep

To some getting a decent amount of sleep before a flight is a no brainer. However, I thought I could skip this step–uh wrong!

I’ve flown JFK to SFO many times on JetBlue so I though the hardest thing I’d have to do is wait inline for security. I dramatically overestimated my capabilities, which comes to no surprise.

I spent my last days in New York packing and putting plastic bins in my shared 4 x 5 foot storage locker, and then “helped” my friend pack up her dorm room.  The amount of crap that you don’t want to keep, but can’t throw away is insane and aggravating.

A 7:00 flight meant I had to leave for JFK around 4:30-5:00 to a lot the recommended 2 hour grace period in the airport to get through the airport and hope nothing goes wrong.  Although, really who follows this rule all the time unless it’s an international flight?

I fell asleep around 2:00 and was thankfully awoken from my slumber by my aforementioned friend around 4:00 and was able to head off for JFK in a Lyft at 4:30 with my two carry-ons and one large suitcase.

Everything went smoothly. Traffic in the early morning was almost non existent and the only snag I had was accidental not hearing the security woman say I needed to be pat down after the full body scan, which happens every time so I don’t know why I thought I got lucky this time.

I got to my gate about an hour before boarding, perfect!

I then fell asleep at the gate only to wake up to find nobody familiar was sitting in the adjacent seats, and the intercom blasting “Last call for boarding at Gate 22.” I freaked out and hurried up to the gate.

It was more pity than anger on their faces as I explained who I was. They very kindly let me board after telling me that they were just about to take my name off the boarding list! I don’t know if it was the disheveled hair or red eyes, but they guessed right away that I had fallen asleep—HOW EMBARASSING!

Basically moral of the story is:

  1. don’t fall asleep at the gate, even if you think you’ll hear the intercom, you definitely won’t
  2. sleep a decent amount before departing for the airport to avoid n°1
  3. being the last person to board an airplane way after everyone has settled in is mortifying and you don’t want to be that person who delays liftoff

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