Sanity and Survival

Work as a personal assistant can be extremely rewarding and ridiculously painful.  

Writing has never been my strong suit, but having to compose dozens of emails and write blurbs for various projects has impensely helped.  I also get to see what types of revisions my boss requests, they all depend on the tone she wants to convey.  It’s an obvious editing procedure, but when you’re trying to pump out as many words per minute as you can muster, revision and word choice become a second priority.

Recently I haven’t been able to stand being at work.  My patience has been at an all time low and I have to stop myself from doing or saying something that will result in my termination. 

 I am not going to list what I do not enjoy about my work.  It’s personal to my specific duties and my specific boss.  However, everyone can relate and think if specific thing that tick them off while at work.

Here are some things I have learned that help me avoid blowing up at work.  They are hopefully general enough to be applicable your own situation. 

  1. Take deep breaths.  Everyone says this and I always thought it was silly, but it actually works.  I find that you need to focus on the breath while you’re doing it, because it helps distract from the irritation. 
  2. Eat nutritious foods.  This can include snacks and especially meals.  Preventing yourself from being “hangry” will improve patience.  I also added the word “nutritious,” because it will make you and your body feel better.  Plus, the fuel will burn more evenely throughout the day than something drenched in saturated fats. 
  3. Set goals/rewards.  I lové to travel, but it’s expensive. By setting it as a goal for what I am going to do with my paychecks, it keeps me motivated.  Make your reward something you cannot just go out and purchase.  It could be saving for a splurge item you’ve been eyeing for a while, a holiday trip, or if you’re very practically minded, paying off some/all student or credit card debt.  Whatever feels the most rewarding, and makes the work worth it.  Remind yourself of your goals and why you need your job to fulfill them in times of aggravation/impatience.

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